CSCA Creative Best Awards 2020

December 2, 2020 • aaitken

WSA's graphic design work is award-winning.

Our dedication to providing fully integrated, multidisciplinary design has received top recognition from the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts. The logo we designed for Edison won a CSCA Merit Award, and we are so grateful. This project has allowed us to craft a new brand and a new space simultaneously, transforming a vacant historic building in Italian Village into a lively urban event space.

Located in the former Columbus Electrical Works building, the Edison namesake and logo draws inspiration from three themes: Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb, electrical circuit symbols, and a hand-drawn letter “e” that reflects a customized experience and attention to detail. Our team of graphic designers and interior designers has worked to ensure Edison’s values are reflected through every brand experience. We’re pleased to partner with Edison and FEHER Architecture in this business venture, and we can’t wait for this exciting space to take off.

Check out CSCA’s recap of the 2020 Creative Best Awards show to see all of the award-winning work from Central Ohio.

Click here to see the completed Edison space at the grand opening event in June 2021.

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