Paige Schmeling Appointed Commissioner on the Italian Village Commission

August 9, 2021 • aaitken

Paige Schmeling appointed to the open seat on the Italian Village Commission.

Paige Schmeling has been appointed to the Italian Village Commission as one of seven mayoral appointees who serve the community. Established in 1973, the commission’s purpose is to preserve, protect, and enhance the unique architectural and historical features of the Italian Village Historic District. The Commission considers applications and issues for exterior alterations within the Italian Village Historic District in their monthly meetings.

As a registered architect and Design Specialist with WSA, Paige brings extensive experience in assisting with all phases of projects, specializing in construction administration and documentation. She partners closely with clients to understand their need, coordinating with technical teams to meet those goals. Her deep understanding of the importance in designing spaces that represent the community and foster a healthy culture will fuel her ability to meet the needs of the Italian Village residents as a whole.

Congratulations, Paige! We are excited to have your guidance as our city continues to grow and evolve.

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