Leslie Hoerig Joins WSA Columbus Studio

December 20, 2022 • Spencer Hawk

Leslie Hoerig Joins WSA Columbus Studio

The WSA Columbus studio is excited to welcome its newest team member, Leslie Hoerig. Leslie joins WSA as an Interior Design Manager. She has over a decade of experience designing workplaces including work on Nationwide Insurance’s Grandview Yard campus and Innovation Center. Leslie also has a background in multi-family, renovated spaces, and retail environments.

Leslie has a passion for designing in collaboration with clients, focusing on building dynamic solutions. In her work she balances her expertise with an open mind for collaboration and innovation.

“Organizations are collectives, they are like a living organism. Needs can change, so solutions need to be sustainable, adaptable, and forward thinking,” Hoerig said.

Infusing creativity into design challenges, and incorporating clean lines and contemporary style are hallmarks of Leslie’s work. As the future of the workspace changes, Leslie is dedicated to customizing spaces to create the most value for employers and employees.

“As adaptive reuse becomes more common, the value of being able to repurpose a space goes up,” Hoerig said. “There’s a challenge to recreating a space to be a dynamic environment that supports how people actually work. But the value to the daily occupants of having a comfortable and engaging space, and the value employers see from supporting positive experiences and building culture are worth the challenges we face as designers.”

In the wake of permanent disruption to the workplace, attracting and retaining talent has become the greatest challenge facing employers. WSA has been leading the conversation on what the future of the workplace looks like. By embracing adaptive reuse, harnessing technology, and putting emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility through design, the studio hopes to create spaces that foster collaboration and creativity, and enrich human experiences.

“The people and culture are what sets WSA apart. Across interior design, planning, and architecture we all have the collective mission to enhance what the workplace is and can be,” Hoerig said.

As a Design Manager and leader in the Columbus studio, Leslie will work with a team of architects and experience designers to create innovative spaces that adapt to the way people work today and tomorrow. She is currently part of the team working with WSA’s partners, Grange Insurance.

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