If Your Walls Could Talk

January 3, 2023 • wpengine

As your Partners in Productivity we address the changing demands of employees and the needs of employers to create Environments that Work

If your walls could talk, what would they say about your company’s culture? About your values? About your brand? How do they impact your team? Do they enhance productivity or hinder it? Do they facilitate better ways of working? Or are they merely overhead on your balance sheet?

The workplace has been permanently disrupted. Today’s employees demand that work feel less like work and more like a place to pursue passions. A place that facilitates diversity, equity and inclusion for everybody and every body. A sustainable place that aligns your values with those of your employees. Because attracting and retaining the best talent is the single greatest challenge facing businesses today.

Motivating your employees requires the design of experiences that prioritize collaboration, co-creation and teamwork over solitary confinement in a cubicle and work that could just as easily be completed from home. Experiences powered by technology that more effectively blend remote and in-person teamwork.

WSA is your Partner in Productivity. We’re workplace experts who create spaces that attract and retain employees. For more than a half century we’ve partnered with leading businesses across the Midwest and beyond to create innovative workspaces that increase growth and profitability by strengthening employee engagement. Flexible spaces that anticipate change and drive greater efficiency and productivity.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experience designers take a new approach to office design: Created for how people work today – and tomorrow, TalentArc transcends mere aesthetics, infusing Human Resource expertise, Organizational Behavior and Brand Marketing into the practice of Architecture. While we’re proud of our awardwinning designs, it’s your enhanced performance that is the measure our success.

Your success depends upon Environments that Work. Environments that maximize both human potential and happiness AND your business’s top and bottom-line success. Because in today’s marketplace, you can’t achieve one without the other.

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