The Talent Behind talentArc

August 3, 2023 • Sam Cejda

Meet the team driving WSA’s unique talentArc process.

What is talentArc?

In short, it’s HR-infused architecture. It’s a process by which our architects and designers partner with client teams to learn about their organizational structure and culture. The premise of talentArc is to study organizations and the people in them. We want to know how employees work, how people interact, and what shared values an organization has.

Our process plugs in before the standard design process, and builds foundational research that serves as a tool to make smarter, faster, and more strategic decisions at all project phases. Through these four areas, talentArc explores how organizations can develop unique environments, align their values, and share their stories.

  • Organizational Structure
  • Culture and Values
  • External Branding
  • User Patterns and Queries


Who’s behind it all?

We’re introducing the team that is behind talentArc. They are architects, interior designers, and environmental designers dedicated to perfecting the partnership process.

Leslie Hoerig

Leslie Hoerig is an interior design manager at WSA. Leslie has a passion for designing in collaboration with clients, focusing on building dynamic solutions. Leslie is a champion for the talentArc process, and is a key player in developing internal education and toolkits for the WSA design team.

As one of our talentArc experts, Leslie joined DisruptHR Columbus – an information exchange for experts in and around the HR field. In just 5 minutes, Leslie shared with HR professionals where talentArc sits at the intersection of architecture and HR, and how the process addresses the main challenges facing businesses and HR teams.

If Your Walls Could Talk is a quick dive into how the pandemic permanently disrupted the working world, and, how in its wake businesses and HR teams can adapt their environments to be more engaging for current employees and attractive to prospective ones.

Watch Leslie’s presentation, and learn more about talentArc from one of our experts here

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