Melissa Folzenlogen Promoted to Design Specialist III

October 23, 2023 • Sam Cejda

WSA Ducks Moving Up

Congratulations to Melissa Folzenlogen who is stepping up to a new role as a Design Specialist III! Melissa is a part of the WSA project teams working on Columbus’s West Case Park, the Grandview Heights Public Library, and the Vue Event Center. In her new role, Melissa is excited to play a larger role on project teams.

I’m looking forward to having a heavier hand in projects and advancing my understanding of what it really takes to get a project off the ground,” Melissa said, “including working closely with and coordinating other disciplines and meeting with clients.”

Melissa joined WSA in 2023, and with her new role, will continue to advance her skills.

To me the new role means that my career is growing and knowledge is expanding. With it comes more responsibility and an opportunity to learn more and get into the details of a project,” Melissa said. 

Congrats to Melissa for her new role on the WSA Quack Squad!

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