Storytelling Through Design: The Joseph Group

February 29, 2024 • Sam Cejda

See how The Joseph Group's new headquarters aligns their space with their values, brand, and mission.

The Joseph Group is a Columbus-based financial advisory firm who recently moved from their longtime Arena District home to a new headquarters in the Brewery District. To accommodate future expansion, the new space is nearly double the size of their previous offices and is housed in a historic building.

WSA developed an environment to accommodate the specific needs of The Joseph Group. This includes private offices, open office seating, a flexible kitchen, and tech-free library space. Among other considerations were the need for privacy that is in-tune with collaboration. Conference rooms are designed with a translucent cloaking film that protects screens from being view outside the room. Ceiling panels and lighting fixtures are equipped with sound-absorbing material that allows employees and clients to speak privately, even in open areas.

“We tried to keep in mind the balance of transparency in the design and privacy,” – Kirsten Sheely, WSA

The Joseph Group also wanted the new space to emphasize their brand values. To align the space to the group’s mission, brand, and values, the project team designed and developed a series of environmental communications including a story wall showing the history of the organization alongside employee and client stories, a mission wall, graphics vocalizing the team’s core values, and updated logos and branding.

“To have a space designed to express our values, what’s important to us, is great,” – Matt Palmer, Partner and Co-Founder at The Joseph Group

Take a look through the storytelling in The Joseph Group’s new headquarters in the video below

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