Kurt Miller Joins WSA’s Columbus Studio

March 8, 2024 • Sam Cejda

Meet the newest member of the WSA Quack Squad

Welcome Kurt Miller, AIA, to the WSA Quack Squad. Kurt joins WSA as an Architectural Design Manager. Kurt brings a wide background of experience designing residential, commercial and hospitality spaces in Columbus, Chicago, and beyond.  

Kurt’s passion for architecture was sparked at an early age when a career research project in middle school led him to explore the profession. With an architect in the family, Kurt was drawn to designing buildings and spaces from a young age. He went on to study architecture at the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

“Cincinnati is a great architecture school because of the city’s unique history,” Kurt said. “It has faced the challenges of both large cities and smaller towns, so there’s really an example of everything.” 

Kurt found his design voice in grad school, focusing on the intersection of phenomenology (the deep meanings inherent in spaces) and critical regionalism (contemporary reinterpretation of regional architecture). This passion drives him to create environments that promote community and create impact that is felt beyond the designed space.  

“I’m drawn to working with organizations that have strong missions beyond just the built environment,” Kurt explained. “I want to understand those missions and find ways design can inherently improve them.” 

Kurt said it was WSA’s range of project types and diversity of talent that drew him to join the team.  

“I wanted to join a team with people at all points in their careers so I can continue to grow and learn, and also so I could teach and make my lessons learned useful to someone else in their career,” he said. 

As Design Manager, Kurt aims to build on WSA’s strong foundation while expanding the firm’s expertise and reach. “I want to grow the practice to increase our positive impact on Columbus and the community,” Kurt said. 

Kurt brings valuable expertise in and passion for community-focused and mission-driven design. Kurt cares deeply about the legacy of his work. As he put it, “I want my legacy to be ‘Kurt? Well, he really gave a d***.'” 

Kurt is currently working with the WSA design teams developing a unique event center, and modern collaborative workplace. As a Design Manager Kurt will enrich project teams with his depth of experience and passion for designing spaces that engage people and enhance connections.  

Learn more about Kurt and the rest of the #WSAQuackSquad here

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