Design Excellence Through Collaborative Leadership

May 30, 2024 • Sam Cejda

Meet our core team of Project, Quality, and Design Managers

At WSA, we believe great design emerges from collaborative teams guided by exceptional leadership. That’s why we’re fortunate to have a core group of talented project managers, design leads, and technical experts who foster an environment where creativity thrives alongside operational excellence.636467

Our project management teams, led by Alex Nyktas, AIA, Scott Geither, and Phil Riazzi, AIA, are the driving force behind each undertaking’s success. From ensuring constructability to championing innovative ideas, these leaders cultivate an atmosphere conducive to exploration and problem-solving. Through their guidance, project teams remain focused on key objectives while continuously enhancing processes for maximum performance.

Just as critical are our studio design managers – Jess Edington, NCIDQ, IIDA, Carolyn Price, Lauren Miller AIA, Leslie Hoerig, NCIDQ, IIDA, and Kurt Miller, AIA. As creative catalysts, they facilitate the open exchange of ideas across all disciplines. From architecture and interior design to graphic design and environmental communications, their ability to clearly articulate and align teams around the design vision is paramount. Whether realizing architectural ingenuity, perfecting interior detailing, or crafting an immersive environmental narrative, these managers inspire teams to push boundaries while delivering cohesive solutions.

Complementing the management and creative leads is our team of quality managers – Geoff Gay, AIA and Kai Raab, AIA. Their technical mastery and rigorous quality control processes ensure our work meets the highest standards from design documentation through construction administration. Embodying our culture of mentorship, their depth of experience provides invaluable guidance that allows early professionals to grow alongside industry veterans.

Underpinning the leadership of this accomplished team is our Pulse philosophy – a human-centered research process that decodes the unique cultures, values, and strategic needs of every client organization. Through comprehensive qualitative and quantitative methods, Pulse equips our teams with foundational insights that directly inform project criteria and solutions.

From establishing the “why” behind each pursuit to ensuring design intent is realized with precision, our leadership team excels at every phase. Their ability to fuse creativity with operational discipline, empower continuous improvement, and leverage transformative processes like Pulse is what allows our firm to consistently deliver impactful, future-focused environments.

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