Environmental Communication

We create environmental communication systems as an integrated and integral component of our experience designs, rather than as two-dimensional window dressing applied on top of the architecture. Branded environments transform space through story-telling to create meaningful and engaging interactions between users and their surroundings.


Our award winning graphics team bridges the gap between story telling and placemaking with wayfinding, brand elements, and institutional signage that captures and defines your business’s unique culture.


• Brand identity
• Brand communication
• Company history, culture and values
• Wayfinding
• Institutional signage
• Employee communication and recognition
• Campaign messaging
• Exhibition
• Environmental Communication Standards & Guidelines

Look What Experience Does


Our cross-disciplinary team comprised of architects, interior designers, and two and three-dimensional designers help our clients tell their brand stories in emotionally compelling ways. Whether its a new brand identity, a technology-empowered company history or multi-dimensional interior and exterior communication system, our solutions are integrated and highly engaging.

These Graphics Define Space
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