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In the rapidly growing and creative industry of craft beer, Blue Label Packaging is a hidden secret to the success of some of the most recognizable brands in the industry. With dynamic processes and superior quality, the label on your favorite brew tells its story. Blue Label Packaging in Lancaster, Ohio brings those stories to life.


Blue Label Packaging Co. needed to create a dynamic interior environment that supported collaboration and communication between rapidly growing departments.


To prepare for future growth, WSA conducted an in-depth master plan that ensures sustainable business success and anticipates space needs. This combined warehouse and office headquarters provides the space and amenities needed to accomplish business goals and allow for future expansion. Through various user groups and programming sessions, WSA worked with Blue Label to identify goals and detail requirements for open and private offices, lounge and breakout spaces, a corridor, lobby, break room, and a new front entrance to encourage the welcoming nature of this Ohio company.


Open workstations are supported by conference rooms, private offices, collaboration spaces, and amenities. A new entry vestibule and exterior refresh reflects the Blue Label brand and increases visibility to passersby. Production facilities feature hi-tech machinery and specialty products that support the manufacturing process. Circulation between the administrative offices and production facilities allows for transparency and a sense of team unity. Since moving into their new space, they have doubled their production capacity and significantly expanded their printing capabilities.

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Blue Label Packaging Co. is a core Lancaster company, and we’re thrilled it’s expanding and creating new jobs.”

Mike Pettit, Lancaster Director of Economic Development

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