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Brick House Blue is a place where professionals come together to break routine and innovate. This new coworking company benefits from its location in the trending Bridge Park development to attract young professionals, established companies, and entrepreneurs to rent private offices and collaboration spaces. It features amenities that support clients during the workday and during special events outside of office hours.

We’re defining a culture where we want to
work and where we can all share success.”

Dave Mirgon, Chief Ideation Officer
Brick House Blue


To introduce two distinct co-working environments that consistently reflect the Brick House Blue brand and accommodate the various needs of local professionals.


The Brick House Blue business model accommodates a range of personalities, working styles, and productivity needs while meshing them into a "community of doers and dreamers." To provide for this dynamic range, the design features two separate locations within Bridge Park that members can utilize at any time. The original high-energy location sits in the heart of Bridge Park, with more active meeting rooms, open work spaces, and vibrant environmental graphics. The second location is tucked on the edge of the commercial development, maximizing private office space and encapsulating zen and focus with branding. Each space offers the same upscale amenities and supports specialty projects with a podcast room and professional development workshops.


Brick House Blue has attracted members from international companies and local start-ups alike. The design successfully communicates and cultivates the values of the company. In 2019, Brick House Blue was awarded the Coworker Members' Choice Award as the top coworking company in Columbus.

brick by brick

Check out this video to learn more about how Brick House Blue's coworking and office spaces support workers and small businesses looking for a go-to spot for inspiration and productivity.

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