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The Science Quad at Kenyon College features several historic buildings. WSA has formed a long-term partnership with Kenyon to renovate existing laboratories and offices within the facilities. The Samuel Mather Science Hall was built in 1926 as a gift to the college. WSA preserved the historic integrity of the existing building while providing critical research and learning opportunities for modern students.


To boost Kenyon’s science programs with modern spaces that facilitate learning and research.


The newly designed spaces incorporate new technologies and lab systems, providing greater research opportunities within the college. The space represents Kenyon’s belief that students learn best through hands-on utilization of science technology, with room for collaborative research and traditional classroom education. The updated labs are central to the Science Quad, a historic building complex on campus. WSA worked with Kenyon to transform its educational pedagogy for 21st century learning. The new design ensures that all students and faculty gain access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for research. The WSA design team worked with local companies to fabricate lab equipment, saving Kenyon a significant amount of money on the project.


In 2019, Kenyon College attracted new professors and students into the science programs. A neuroscience professor was given one of the newly renovated labs, and multiple professors have been recognized with the National Science Foundation CAREER Awards. Since working with WSA, Kenyon College continues to grow in enrollment and construction of new innovative facilities on its campus.



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