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Endeavor 1918 is the event center and secondary workspace for The Nestlé Discovery Center in Marysville, Ohio. Located on the first floor of the Research and Development site, Endeavor 1918 is where Nestlé hosts educational events, product tasting research, and executive meetings in order to rapidly integrate findings back into a product’s development process. The space was previously not utilized to its full potential, with a minimal number of events scheduled and limited day-to-day functionality for employees.


To update an underutilized conference room to accommodate an increase in annual events and provide employees with additional flexible workspace.


WSA worked with Nestlé to transform the Discovery Center into a space that can support more events and a variety of flexible uses. The final concept focused on a radial plan where the most energetic spaces were concentrated in the center of the floorplan with subsequent spaces becoming quieter further away from the core. Designed after spaces in which Nestlé products are typically consumed - home kitchens, offices, and cafes - guests and employees are immersed in the end consumer experience.


Nestle was immediately able to host weekly product tastings and offer more work options to their employees. By integrating themselves into their customers’ residential setting, employees are inspired with new product possibilities. The variety of areas provided in one space provides a perfect work environment to fit any of their teams' needs. This new, agile work style is spreading through out the company and creating a welcomed rise in productivity and retention.

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