Ohio Mutual Insurance Group (OMIG) has been located in Bucyrus, Ohio since 1909. They moved to their current, outdated facility in 1969 and have not had major renovations since. The goal of this renovation is to create an efficient workplace that enhances Ohio Mutual’s efforts to attract and retain top talent by providing modern amenities and a collaborative work environment. The entire campus has been reconfigured to maximize space efficiency and reinforce the Ohio Mutual brand.


To create a modern, branded environment that maximizes space efficiency, eliminating the need to invest in additional real estate.


This project began by observing and recording how the existing space was utilized. After analyzing the data, WSA discovered that Ohio Mutual employees spent less than half of their work hours at their designated desks. Instead, employees gravitated
towards collaborative meetings and group work. With this knowledge, the design team crafted a master plan that would allow Ohio Mutual to adopt new work styles and abandon traditional assigned seating. The renovated building features a variety of workstations that support large group meetings, brainstorming, and casual collaboration, while reserving individual focus space on an as-needed basis. The design team also introduced modern amenities such as a café and fitness center to attract young professionals.

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