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With a rich history of excellence, The Ohio State University is leading and improving higher education with its unique ability to foster tradition and innovation. Educational environments across campus are transforming to accelerate the future of teaching and learning.

Riffe Building Flexible Classroom

The new flexible instruction and classroom space on the first floor of the Riffe Building accommodates multi-use functions for the College of Pharmacy. The space creates a much needed higher occupancy plan for the building, accommodating 150 students. It now serves as the go-to collaborative space for small groups and large groups alike. The space is known for its state of the art audiovisual and information technology systems that support the innovative learning environment.

a competitive edge

A new classroom entrance off the main corridor allows students to enter and exit the space without disturbing the adjacent library. The furniture and materials were selected to make the space as versatile as possible, with sections of colored carpet patterns which indicate the exact locations where desks and seating can be moved throughout the room to create different arrangements. This makes it easy for the classroom to convert from lecture seating into small group collaborative space.

The updated space aligns with the future of the Pharmacy school, accelerating growth and providing a competitive edge above regional universities.

Saxbe Auditorium

Saxbe Auditorium is located within Drinko Hall, which houses the Michael E. Moritz College of Law. The previously outdated and underutilized auditorium was transformed into a center for public and private events on campus. The renovation features a bright aesthetic, a new acoustical ceiling, and customizable lighting that improves functionality of the space for academic lectures, student organizations, and film showings.
Upon completion, the space hosted a public press conference for Governor DeWine and a private panel for College of Law donors and alumni.

The on-stage chalkboard is replaced with an adaptable sixteen screen display, while outlets are integrated into furniture and flooring to increase access to technology. Swipe to compare the space before and after.


Extracurricular events hosted in Saxbe Auditorium during its first re-opening semester.

It mattered to us that you consistently responded to our questions and issues - whether substantive or trivial - with careful attention. And you always provided us with thorough, reasoned, and unfailingly helpful answers.”

Melinda Nelson, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Academic Affairs



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