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Working with WSA, The PAST Foundation materialized its goal of creating the first independent research and development educational prototyping facility in the United States. The PAST Foundation is comprised of a group of scientists and educators who work together to create curricula for STEM schools harnessing a learn-by-doing approach. The organization connects teachers in Central Ohio districts with the necessary tools to integrate this curriculum into schools. In addition to professional development initiatives, PAST offers student programs such as the After-School Innovators’ Club and FIRST Lego League Junior.


PAST Foundation’s teaching philosophy required a space that allows educational leaders to research and develop hands-on learning processes and curricular goals for students of the future.


Upon a comprehensive review of the curricular goals, our design leaders researched the physical characteristics necessary in a space to motivate student-directed learning. Focus groups held with administrators, educators, board members, educational partners, and student groups indicated key design parameters, which included: Transparency and visual access from classrooms to adjacent spaces, a reduction in physical barriers between spaces to encourage the organic transformation of collaborative subject matter exploration, accessibility to mobile technologies and wireless support for individual electronic devices.

A program of space requirements was developed from this analysis, and the design team uncovered the parameters which would drive greater access and efficacy in the educational process.


The lab is the first independent research and development educational prototyping facility in the United States. Since occupancy, PAST has been able to secure new educational clients, expanding the sphere of educational influence throughout the Central Ohio region and modeling best practices on a national basis. The space fundamentally changes the way that instructors interact with students by facilitating a student-led learning experience where students can visually access all of the teaching activity while they learn.

Wayfinding lights, circulation enhancing furniture, and perimeter lab space transformed the innovation lab from a boring warehouse to a bright, airy space for learning. Swipe to see the exciting solutions.



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