Settle Muter Electric is a full service electrical contractor located off of I-270 and surrounded by commercial warehousing and storage units. With professionalism, customer service, and quality workmanship as the hallmarks of their success, SME wanted a headquarters that reflected their values, showcased their work, and instilled pride and confidence in their staff.


SME wanted their headquarters to stand out from the surrounding warehouses and provide their employees with a home base where they could collaborate on current projects and host clients.


Guests are greeted into a 2-story atrium with a front desk set in front of glass paned closets to highlight the power blocks that support the building. Their bold logo is flanked by company tenets enlarged on the hallways to share more of the company's ethos. A custom lighting fixture in the shape of their electricity bolt logo hangs in the center and draws the eye up to the second floor balcony. Red inlaid LED lighting strips zoom across the walls, guiding guests around the building.

Floor to ceiling glass panels usher natural light into the double stacked conference rooms. Our team maximized the remaining square footage of the existing warehouse footprint to give all employees their own private office. Large window panes continue to line the exterior envelope while glass paneled walls and doors allow natural light to pour through the private offices and into the internal collaborative spaces. This transparency allows project managers and engineers to call each other into double-wide hallways to analyze rolls of blueprint on long, counter-height tables and share insight on current projects.


A bold new exterior and signage makes finding their office a breeze from the freeway exit. Staff, no longer cooped up in a typical warehouse, are seeing that collaboration on projects and between departments is on the rise.

While they are often in and out of the office to be on site for projects, these new headquarters is ready to be their home base - for drive-by chats, team bonding, all-hands meetings, trainings, and their annual holiday party.

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