Meet WSA’s Newest Team Members

June 15, 2023 • Sam Cejda

Two new additions to the WSA studio

Say hello to the two newest members of the #WSAquacksquad! Conner Sell brings his talents to our graphic design and environmental communications team. Levi Shamp joins our business development team. Read more about our newest ducks:

Conner Sell, Environmental Communications Specialist

Conner Sell is the newest member of WSA’s award-winning environmental communication team. Conner brings five years of experience working at the intersection or architecture and graphic design. Some of his credits include working on environmental designs for Kappa Kappa Gamma’s national headquarters and helping create the historic timeline at The Ohio State University’s Don Scott Airport.

In his role as Environmental Communications Specialist, Conner combines his graphic communication design with a lifelong interest in architecture and interior design.

“Growing up around architecture, I fell in love with the idea of what buildings can bring impact-wise to communities,” Sell said.

Conner says he has always had an interest in designing within 3-dimensional spaces. In his work, Conner merges his skillset to create designs that bring the built environment to life, which lends itself to WSA’s mission of innovation.

Conner describes his design style as abstract, and says he is drawn to out-of-the-box thinking and creation. He is inspired by designers like David Carson who create unique compositions and bend the rules when it comes to design. As a follower of current design trends, Conner is interested in how graphic design is blended with multidisciplinary applications.

“Being interested in things like video game design, I am excited to see what’s next with immersive design. Where AR [augmented reality] and VR [virtual reality] are going, there will be a lot of new ways that people can interact with the environment and experience design,” Sell said.

Currently, Conner is working alongside architects and interior designers to create branded spaces.

“I’ve learned a lot from the team’s experiences,” Sell said. “Our work is very collaborative, which has been a great way to gain feedback, and leads to great design.”

Coming from the experience design world, Conner says he chose to join the WSA Quack Squad as an opportunity to spread his wings.

“I was looking for a multi-disciplinary firm, and somewhere I could grow as a designer.” Sell said. “At WSA you have a chance to be a part of the whole process, see a project from all sides, and grow your skills.”

Conner is a part of the WSA teams creating unique environments for coworking spaces, and developing client branding. He also contributes to internal WSA designs. When he’s not in the Creative Cloud, Conner enjoys camping and spending time outdoors.

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Levi Shamp, Business Development Coordinator/Strategist

Levi Shamp is WSA’s Business Development Coordinator & Strategist. Levi joins the WSA Quack Squad after four years in the business department at The Walt Disney Company. As an Ohio native, Levi is returning to Columbus, but although he is one of WSA’s newest team members, he is not new to the team.

“Living in Columbus I knew a lot of the WSA team through mutual friends. We would go to Columbus Crew games together, and I even made it to a couple WSA events,” Shamp said. “It felt like I was kind of a part of the WSA family, and when a role opened up, I was able to make that jump to actually joining the team.”

In his role, Levi uses numbers and data to create a story of WSA’s past, present, and future. From there, his work will help drive the future of WSA in Columbus, Chicago, and beyond.

“I’m excited about the potential. With Chicago still being a newer studio, there are opportunities to get roots set and start to grow. That’s a fun challenge to take on,” Shamp said.

That challenge is what Levi said drew him to his role at WSA.

“I wanted to be somewhere I could make an impact,” Levi said. “That meant a place I could get behind the work, and feel like I had a role in the overall success. That’s WSA.”

Alongside his role as WSA’s data forecasting guru, Levi is a champion for WSA’s culture. Levi is a diehard Columbus Crew supporter, and a proud Ohio State grad.

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